Online Critique Group Recording – Jan Dale, Allen Park, MI

In this week’s Critique group we meet realist painter Jan Dale. Describing her background, Jan says,

Creativity has been a passion from earliest childhood. Though I never attended art school, I have developed a habit of seeking knowledge and artistic skill over many years via local art groups, online tutorials, and countless hours of trial and error.

I taught elementary school for several years while painting murals and oils on the side. It was always my hope to turn art into a full-time profession one day.

I made that transition in 2017 when the school district I worked for abruptly changed the curriculum and decreased pay for literacy teachers across the district. At the same time, my mural income began to rival my teaching income. So I took the leap of faith and went at it full time.

I still paint murals as my bread-and-butter income while developing skills with oil painting and marketing. I’m growing what I hope is a cohesive body of work.

I recently participated in the Professional Artist Institute, which has been a serious game-changer for me, as was my recent acceptance into the International Guild Of Realism and Oil Painters Of America.

Fueled by this newfound success, I am now researching galleries to approach over the next few months.

Watch the recording for our discussion with Jan.

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perseverence pntg.jpg

Artwork Information: Title: Perseverance (SOLD January 2022)
Medium: Oil
Size: 21″x27″
Price: $1560

awellearnedrest pntg.jpg

Artwork Information: Title: A Well-Earned Rest
Medium: Oil
Size: 20″x20″
Price: $1800

coolbeans pntg.jpg

Artwork Informaiton Title: Cool Beans (SOLD summer 2022)
Medium: Oil
Size: 8″x8″
Price: $320

studioinspring pntg.jpg

Title Title: Studio In Spring (SOLD summer 2021)
Medium: Oil
Size: 36″x36″
Price: $3564

balancingact pntg.jpg

Artwork Information: Title: Balancing Act
Medium: Oil
Size: 20″x10″
Price: $850
 Presentation Image #1

peachy imgwrks.jpg

Presentation Image #2

peachyside presentation.jpg

Presentation Image #3

peachyback presentation.jpg

Portrait Image of Yourself

jan face.jpg

What Questions Would you Like to Have Answered About Your Art During a Review Session? 1) How diverse can the subject matter be and still read as a cohesive body of work?

2) I recently started to prefer a rigid surface as opposed to gallery-wrapped canvas. Right now this represents a little over half of my work. Should I wait to approach galleries until I have more of my work on my preferred surface?

3) This past March, I challenged myself to paint 30 miniature works in 30 days and offer them on Instagram as a way to raise funds for an artist residency scheduled for this summer. I sold more of them than I expected. It attracted a wider audience and sparked a new series of very small works. So…..
How might a gallery feel if I reserved that new section of my art for my subscribers and offered the gallery only the works over a certain size/price range?

4) As I researched other artists’ pricing practices, They were all over the map. I settled on a method and structure that seems to work. However, my profit margin may shrink significantly with the addition of gallery commissions and shipping. How can I keep myself, my gallery, and my private collectors all happy?

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