Online Critique Group Recording – Darryl Erdmann, Farr West, Utah

In this week’s Critique group we meet photographic artist, Rick Bogacz. Describing his background, Rick says,

Based in Toronto Canada, I specialize in black and white landscapes, minimal abstracts and street photography.

Earlier in his career, I worked as a print journalist in Canada but returned to school in the mid-1990s to study photography – which was always a personal passion – more extensively.

After graduating from Humber College, I worked temporarily as a freelance photographer and writer, combining the production of images with his earlier-acquired reporting skills.

I then moved into digital media working for several companies such as AOL, Microsoft and Quebecor Media as a news content strategist and people manager. I kept taking photographs throughout this period and I am currently exploring other techniques such as long exposures to develop my vision of the environment around me.

Watch the recording for our discussion with Rick.

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Artwork Information: Title: Winding Fence, Schomberg, Ontario
Medium: Photography
Size: 17″ X 13″
Price: $750

RickBogacz_Ice Covered Rocks The Beaches Toronto (1 of 1).jpg

Artwork Information: Title: Ice Covered Rocks, The Beaches
Medium: Photography
Size: 17″ X 13″
Price: $750

RickBogacz- Pier Remains.jpg

Artwork Informaiton Title: Pier Remains
Medium: Photography
Size: 17″ X 13″
Price: $750

Winter in High Park, Toronto,.jpg

Title Title: Trees in High Park
Medium: Photography
Size: 17″ X 13″
Price: $750


Artwork Information: Title: Windswept Pine
Medium: Photography
Size: 17″ X 13″
Price: $750
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