Online Critique Group Recording: Featured Artist Frank Trucino, Austin, TX

In this week’s session we meet Austin, TX artist and former architect Frank Trocino to talk about his background and artwork. We talk about presentation for unframed work, dealing with rejection from gallery owners and pricing work below break points ($1,495 instead of $1,500, for example).

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Artwork Information: Title: Bedroom Window
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 20″ X 20″
Price: 795.00

Summer Gala.jpg

Artwork Information: Title: Summer Gala
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 24″ X 30″
Price: 1495.00


Artwork Informaiton Title: Free Town
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 30″ X 24″
Price: 1495.00

Chaos Theory.jpg

Title Title: Chaos Theory
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 24″ X 30″
Price: 1495.00


Artwork Information: Title: Cubist Contentment
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 30″ X 24″
Price: 1495.00
 Presentation Image #1

Presentation 1.JPG

Presentation Image #2

Presentation 2.jpeg

Presentation Image #3

Presentation 3.jpeg

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What Questions Would you Like to Have Answered About Your Art During a Review Session? My main questions is about finding my audience. I have no clue who they might be for my couples work. The architectural pieces are easier – interior designers, architects, builders, etc would seem obvious, but I’m really stuck on the couples series – newlyweds? love addicts? Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club?

I’m about ready to embark on a gallery hunting trip. I have a list of just over 100 galleries in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin. All within a 3 hour road trip. My question is, should I send an email first and then an in-person visit or just one or the other? Also, if I get a response from the email that they aren’t looking for new artists, should I do an in-parson visit anyway?

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  1. I really enjoyed this weeks critique with Frank and his art. I really enjoy looking at the couples series. They bring interest and are conversational. On Franks website he adds fictional stories to each painting which is a fun touch to his style.

  2. Enjoyed listening to the recorded session. Got a lot from hearing about which options need more careful consideration than others in framing, pricing and approaching galleries.

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