Online Critique Group Recording: Doug Harman, NY

In this week’s session we meet New York artist Doug Motel.  Having grown up by the Atlantic ocean and studied watercolor as a youth, Doug has recently created a new body of work inspired by these influences. Members of the OCG offer insights and advice about undertaking a new body of work. Watch the recording of our session below.

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Painting Collage2.jpg

Artwork Information: Title: Steely eyed Scorpion
Medium: Pen & Ink
Size: 16″ x 20
Price: $600.00

Painting Collage3.jpg

Artwork Information: Title: Remedy 2020 #1
Medium: Watercolor and Pen & Ink
Size: 16″ x 20″
Price: $325

On Our Way_presentation.jpg

Artwork Informaiton Title: On Our Way
Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Size: 20″ x 24″
Price: $1,200


Title Title: Rusted Rhythm
Medium: Watercolor on Plexiglass
Size: 26″ x 76″
Price: $5000

Painting Collage4.jpg

Artwork Information: Title: Forcast: Amphibians
Medium: Watercolor on Plexiglass
Size: 26″ x 26″
Price: $1,700
 Presentation Image #1

Doug holding Henri comes.jpg

Presentation Image #2

Paintings on the wall.jpg

Presentation Image #3


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  1. I enjoyed looking at your work; the colors are very brilliant and you are not afraid to work larger; also I have never seen the suspended method of framing for paper work.

    Have done many watercolors the use of turquoise with other colors is very interesting

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