RedDot Podcast | An Interview with Sculptor Paige Bradley

Sculptor Paige Bradley draws inspiration from relationships and an inner dialog about the human form. Bradley now works out of a studio in Stamford, Connecticut, but in the past she’s maintained studios in New York City, and in her hometown of Carmel, California.

Bradley’s work has been featured in galleries across the United States, and her sculpture is in collections around the world.

In my interview with Bradley, she shares insights about her life-long journey to express her vision and overcome the challenges that face artists as they strive to build a career.

When I asked Paige if there was ever any question about whether or not she would pursue her art as her profession, she says there never was.

“I didn’t allow the question to even come in.” she says. “There were days where it was dark, and I didn’t know how I would pay bills, and it seemed hopeless and scary, and I was sleepless . . . but within 48 hours, usually, an angel would walk in to my studio and buy a sculpture from me. It just felt like the universe always sent me a signal that I was on the right track.”

Listen to the full interview with Paige Bradley below.

View more of Paige Bradley’s art at


Paige Bradley’s Studio

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  1. Such beautiful and powerful sculptures of women Paige Bradley has created for all of us to enjoy.
    Wish she had some in my area of, love the Yoga lady with such a serene look on her face.

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