Art Marketing Minute | Never Pre-judge Potential Art Buyers

Photos from a Recent Sale

Last Monday, a client who had seen my father, John Horejs‘ work at the Mayo clinic

The Art Gallery is Dead . . . Long Live the Art Gallery

Over the last several weeks, I’ve had several of you send me links to articles that

How to Handle an Art Sale that Doesn’t Work Out

above: the artwork hanging in the client’s home I recently had a client call to ask

How to Reconnect with a Long-lost Client

Last week we received an order for four small artworks through our website. I’m always curious

Art Marketing Minute | Overcoming Your Prejudices When Selling Your Art

Have you Overcome Prejudice? What have you done to combat any prejudicial tendencies you might have

Artists: Are you Consistent? A Gallery Owner’s Perspective

How Developing a Strong Style and Laser-Like Focus is One of the Most Important Things you

Guest Post | Art Business Management Systems

For efficient running of your business as a professional artist, you need to have systems in

Debate: Should Artists Include Pricing on Their Websites?

As I am discussing the internet and marketing online with artists, the question of whether or

A Photographic Tour of Our Newly Renovated Gallery Space

February will mark 10 years that we’ve occupied our current location on Main Street in downtown