Working with Galleries | Three Video Presentations

Last week I shared three video sessions talking about working with galleries. These videos focused on

Xanadu Gallery Announces the 2016-17 Mentorship Program | Applications now Open

We’ve opened our annual Mentorship program for applications. For those of you who aren’t familiar with

Debate | Should Visitors be Allowed to Photograph Artwork in Galleries, Museums and Art Shows?

This weekend I received the following email from a reader, and artist and studio owner: Hi

Selling Art | Words that Make a Difference

Several weeks ago, I struck up a conversation with a gentleman who was visiting the gallery

Creating Experiences and Telling Stories to Sell More Art

Several weeks ago, a couple walked into the gallery and headed straight for a wall of

Quick Art Marketing Tip | Request a Photo of Artwork Recently Purchased

I’ve written extensively about the process of selling art – everything from building relationships to following

RedDot Reader Profile | Allen C. Smith

Allen Crittenden Smith is an abstract artist living in Elmira, New York. He works in bold

Showing Your Art in Cafés, Restaurants, Banks and Other Venues

Let me begin by admitting up front that I am probably the wrong person to write

How to Succeed at Art Shows and Festivals

The summer art show season is upon us again. Each summer, tens of thousands of artists


Over the last several weeks, I’ve had several conversations with artists who were feeling despondent about