Online Critique Group Recording 2021-01-06 | Featured Artist Nena Cirkovic, Vienna, Austria

  The Artwork (Click on Image to View Larger Photo) Title: The Power of a Woman Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 34×39 in (80×100 cm) Price: 1300.00 Title: My Mind…

What is the Scariest Thing you Face as an Artist? | Overcoming Your Fears

I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface of the fears you face as an artist, and I hope you’ll share others in the comments below. Whatever your fears are, however, the important question is how can you overcome them?

I have several suggestions from my experience as a business owner. I don’t mean to imply that fear can be easily overcome, nor that these suggestions will revolutionize your life by helping you instantly vanquish your fear.

Artists: Better Serve Your Customers by Knowing Who they Are

spend some time analyzing your past buyers to see if you can discern common traits among your buyers. Understanding who your buyer is will help you better target your art marketing efforts to reach them. If you know who your buyer is, you will be better able to place your art in galleries or other venues where your buyer can see your work. You will be better able to say the right things about your work in your artist’s statement to appeal to the buyer’s sensibilities. You will be able to price your work in a way that will fit your buyer’s budget.

Becoming a Better Art Salesperson | The Power of Silence

One of the most powerful, and yet most underused sales tools is silence. Many salespeople mistakenly think that selling is a process of talking potential customers into buying something. While establishing rapport and creating narrative are important, we often make the mistake of saying too much. I’ve listened to salespeople fill every moment of an encounter with talk, never giving the buyer a chance to commit. As your client finds an interesting piece and you move toward the close, silence can be far more powerful than talk.

Becoming a Better Art Salesperson | Are you Chasing Away Your Buyers?

Certain phrases will give art buyers just the excuse they need to abandon their purchase. Learn the phrases you should avoid when selling art.

Selling art can be a real challenge, but the moment of the sale is exhilarating. Your artwork has just been, in a way, validated. The purchaser has said to you, “I think your work is good enough that I’m willing to part with my hard-earned money to acquire it.”

For many artists, however, the sales come far too infrequently. While sales are not the only measure of success for an artist, sales not only validate the work, they allow and encourage you to create more.

Online Critique Group Recording 2020-12-16 | Ask Me Anything

Online Critique Group Recording 2020-12-09 | Featured Artist Jeff Green

Featured Artist December 9: Jeff Green, New Hyde Park, NY The Artwork (click to view larger image) Title: Placido #1 Medium: Fine Art Photograph Size: 28×38 Framed Price: $825 Title:…

Online Critique Group Recording 2020-12-02 | Featured Artist Jesús Núñez Rábano

Featured Artist December 2, Jesús Núñez Rábano The Artwork (Click to view larger image) Title: Tourquise Sea Medium: Acrylic Size: 34x28x1.5 Price: 950.00 Title: Fog #2 Medium: Acrylic Size: 48x36x1…

Ask a Gallery Owner | Installing Artwork in a Collector’s Home

As a gallery owner or artist, you are likely to have the opportunity to deliver and install artwork in clients’ homes. In today’s session, I’ll share some insights and experiences…

Online Critique Group Recording 2020-11-18 | Ask Me Anything