Online Critique Group Broadcast Recording Now Available | The Secret to a Successful Art Career, Does SEO Make Sense For Artists? Approaching Galleries During Pandemic, and More!

  We just completed this week’s Online Critique broadcast where we discussed whether it makes sense for artists to spend a lot of money for SEO, what it takes to…

Ask a Gallery Owner | Should I Use a Pseudonym?

Do you think it’s a bad business move to give yourself an artist name? If when you may concerned or want to protect your private life from your business life would that be a sufficient reason to have an artist name?

I was wondering what your thoughts were?


Many artists have asked variations of this same question. I’ve worked with artists who use their real names, along with a number of artists who have adopted pseudonyms. It’s quite common for actors and authors to change their names.

Our Latest Video Gallery Tour

We just completed our latest video gallery tour of our Scottsdale Gallery. These tours have been a great way to reach out to clients who may not be able to…

Online Critique Group Recording 2021-03-03 | Featured Artist Mike DeCesare (Spokane, WA)

Artwork Title: Cascade Morning Medium: Photography Size: 15 x 21 Price: 250 Title: Gamble Trail Medium: Photography Size: 11 x 17 Price: 160 Title: Forest Morning Medium: Photography Size: 11…

Online Critique Group Recording 2021-02-17

Online Critique Group Recording 2020-02-10 | Featured Artist Sandy Johnson (Vero Beach, FL)

  The Artwork (click to see larger images) Title: Beach Tree Bingo Medium: Acrylic Size: 30 x 40 Price: 1200 Title: Illuminate Medium: Acrylic Size: 48 x 24 Price: 1,200…

Online Critique Group Recording 2021-02-03

Online Critique Group Recording 2021-01-27 | Featured Artist Renae Hill (Emmett, Idaho)

The Artwork Title: Steadfast Medium: Watercolor Size: 22×24 Price: 1200. Title: Winter at the Sawtooths Medium: Watercolor Size: 18×24 Price: 850. Title: Her Motor Car Medium: Watercolor Size: 18×24 Price:…

Online Critique Group Recording 2020-01-20 | Ask Me Anything

Online Critique Group Recording 2020-01-13 | Featured Artist Marc Schimsky

Featured Artist January 13: Marc Schimsky (Yardley, Pennsylvania) The Artwork Title: Horsehead Medium: Oil & Cold Wax Medium Size: 30″ x 30″ x 1.5″ Price: $1400 Title: The Pipes, The…