Gallery commission

Ask a Gallery Owner | Why Do Galleries Get Such High Commissions?

“I won’t work with galleries. The commission is too high!” I frequently hear some variation of this statement as I am conversing with artists. You’ve probably heard fellow artists say…

Ask a Gallery Owner | Should I Include Negative or Depressing Details of My Life in My Biography?

If you’ve been following me for long, you know that I am a huge advocate of the artist biography. I feel a well-written, nicely laid-out biography is a powerful tool…

Ask a Gallery Owner | How Should I Respond to a Client Who Wants Me to Create Something Way Outside My Style?

I recently received the following question from an artist: I was hanging artwork the other day at a doctor’s office. The doctor’s wife loved the pieces I had chosen and…

Ask a Gallery Owner: Should Galleries Get 50% on Commissioned Art Projects?

What is a reasonable split on commissioned work? I’m all for the gallery receiving 50% on work in their regular inventory, as it takes up wall space and has likely been shown to several potential buyers and marketed by the gallery as well. However, I wonder if 50% to the gallery is justified on a commission, especially in the case where the artist has been put in direct contact with the buyer and essentially does all the leg work (apart from the initial introduction).

Collective Wisdom | The Artists Who Won’t Go Away While I’m Trying to Sell

On RedDotBlog, we’ve often talked about different scenarios in which you might be trying to sell your work. For many of you the opportunity will come at an open studio…

Ask a Gallery Owner: Is it Important to Work in Series?

Artists frequently ask me if they should work in series. I recently received the following question:

Is it important for your artwork to be in “a series”. I have a few different styles I like to work in my paintings (from bright/multi-colored to abstract/dark to light/muted). What do galleries like to see in artist’s portfolios?

Kirsten Reed

If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you know that I’m a huge advocate of seeking consistency in your artwork, especially work you are going to be presenting to galleries or potential buyers.

Square inch pricing

Ask A Gallery Owner | Making Square Inch Pricing Work for Smaller Pieces

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I highly recommend pricing based on size, generally square inches. But what if you do work in both large and…

Artist signature

Ask A Gallery Owner | To sign or not to sign . . . that is the question

In the following email exchange, I answer an artist’s question about visible signatures on art – what’s your opinion? Post in the comments. Jason, I’m so glad you were a…

Artists' agent

Ask a Gallery Owner | Should Artists Seek an Agent to Represent Them?

I recently received the following email asking about artists’ agents: Dear Jason, I have joined a discussion line on LinkedIn and we are discussing the pros and cons of hiring…

Ask for the sale, no thanks response

Ask A Gallery Owner | What to Do when You Ask for the Sale and Get a “No”

You’re talking to a potential buyer who seems head over heals for one of your pieces. Your conversation is going well, so you decide to take the leap and ask…