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An Interview With Elena Parashko – Author of the Survival Guide for Artists

Reader Reviews of the Survival Guide For Artists Most artists have great knowledge about subjects, technique,

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Little did I know that when I posted yesterday’s article,┬áDebate: Should You Include a Date on

Pricing your Artwork That’s Done in a New Style or Using New Media

I recently had a conversation with an artist and close friend who raised the question of

Going the Extra Mile | How Enthusiasm Can Boost Your Art Sales

I have discussed the importance of going the extra mile in previous posts. Elaine, Xanadu Gallery’s

The Value of a Thank you Card and Follow Up

I’ve mentioned the importance of following up with your clients in numerous posts in the past.

Overcoming Fear of the Blank Canvas

This guest post is an excerpt from artist and author Elena Parashko’s new Survival Guide for

Debate | Should you Watermark Art you Are Posting Online?

I am frequently asked by artists whether they should watermark their artwork before sharing it online.

Debate: Should Artists Show Work in Doctor’s Offices, Banks and Other Business Locations?

Last week, I received an email raising the question of whether it would be worthwhile for

Anatomy of a Sale | The Virtue of Gentle Persistence

From time to time, I like to share how a sale occurred, step by step. Even

From a Reader – Creating Art Sales by Promoting your Work to Your Network of Acquaintances

I’ve often written that selling artwork is all about building relationships with potential buyers. There’s another