Online Critique Group Recording 2021-02-17

Becoming a Better Art Salesperson | Restating Questions and Objections

The typical reaction to a question or objection raised by a potential customer is to try and provide an immediate answer. After gaining some sales experience, you will have heard all the questions and objections, and will have a ready answer for each. I would encourage you to resist the temptation to blurt out an immediate answer, and instead restate your client’s question or objection in your own words. This is a simple thing to do once you get the hang of it, but you will be amazed at how much it impacts your ability to help your customer solve her own questions or perceived problems. That’s a real key – helping your client solve her own problems, instead of trying to solve them for her.

Online Critique Group Recording 2020-02-10 | Featured Artist Sandy Johnson (Vero Beach, FL)

  The Artwork (click to see larger images) Title: Beach Tree Bingo Medium: Acrylic Size: 30 x 40 Price: 1200 Title: Illuminate Medium: Acrylic Size: 48 x 24 Price: 1,200…

Create a Mobile Art Hanging/Installation Kit

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy having the opportunity to install art in clients’ homes. Installations are a great opportunity to provide customer service and build relationships with…

Online Critique Group Recording 2021-02-03

Online Critique Group Recording 2021-01-27 | Featured Artist Renae Hill (Emmett, Idaho)

The Artwork Title: Steadfast Medium: Watercolor Size: 22×24 Price: 1200. Title: Winter at the Sawtooths Medium: Watercolor Size: 18×24 Price: 850. Title: Her Motor Car Medium: Watercolor Size: 18×24 Price:…

Online Critique Group Recording 2020-01-20 | Ask Me Anything

Our Latest Video Gallery Tour

We just completed our latest video gallery tour of our Scottsdale Gallery. These tours have been a great way to reach out to clients who may not be able to…

Online Critique Group Recording 2020-01-13 | Featured Artist Marc Schimsky

Featured Artist January 13: Marc Schimsky (Yardley, Pennsylvania) The Artwork Title: Horsehead Medium: Oil & Cold Wax Medium Size: 30″ x 30″ x 1.5″ Price: $1400 Title: The Pipes, The…

Utilizing the Off Season

For many of you, the deep winter is the off season. Because my gallery is located in Scottsdale, and because Arizona is so blazing hot during the summer, our art season is exactly the opposite of a lot of other art markets who do most of their business during the summer. Our traffic declines dramatically during the summer, and as a result, so do our sales.

Our summer slow-down is long too. People often ask me when our “off” season is, and I reply that it begins when the temperatures climb above 105° fahrenheit and ends when the temperature drops back below 105°. This usually corresponds with dates in mid May and mid October. This means that we have five long months without much activity in the gallery.