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Breaking the Ice – Starting Conversations with Potential Art Buyers (and anyone else who crosses your path!)

Several months ago, my wife, Carrie, and I attended a live performance of the Phantom of

How to Handle an Art Sale that Doesn’t Work Out

above: the artwork hanging in the client’s home I recently had a client call to ask

Guest Post | Art Business Management Systems

For efficient running of your business as a professional artist, you need to have systems in

Quick Tip: Make a Folder for Images of Art in Client’s Homes

In many of the articles I write on RedDotBlog, I’m asking you to make major life

Magic Walls | How Some Spaces in My Gallery Sell More Art Than Others

Sales out of our Scottsdale Gallery slow significantly during the summer months, and understandably so. With

Showing Your Art in Cafés, Restaurants, Banks and Other Venues

Let me begin by admitting up front that I am probably the wrong person to write

You are not Following up Enough with Your Clients

“I don’t want to be a pest.” This is one of the most common responses I

Putting It Into Practice | Negotiation

I’ve written several posts over the years about negotiation. I’ve discussed whether negotiation is appropriate in

An Interview With Elena Parashko – Author of the Survival Guide for Artists

Reader Reviews of the Survival Guide For Artists Most artists have great knowledge about subjects, technique,

The Debate Continues – Should Artists Date Their Work?

Little did I know that when I posted yesterday’s article, Debate: Should You Include a Date on